Hearing Officers

What They Do

Hearing officers conduct lawyer discipline settlement conferences, lawyer discipline hearings and other functions under the Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct.


Hearing Officers must:

  • Be active WSBA members;
  • Have been an active WSBA member for 7 years;
  • Have no public discipline;
  • Have adjudicator or contested adjudicative hearing experience.

Appointment to List

The Supreme Court appoints hearing officers to the list based on recommendations from the WSBA Board of Governors in consultation with the Disciplinary Selection Panel. The initial appointment is 2 years. Hearing officers may be reappointed for periods of 4 years. We currently have 54 hearing officers.

Current Hearing Officers

Bailey, William
Bakke, Erik
Beles, Craig
Bender, john
Brown, Daniel
Carlson, Carl
Carter, Donald
Clark, Karen
Condon, David
Craven, James
Davis, Noah
Dearmin, Diana
Dickinson, Lisa
Duncan, Bradley
Ellerby, Scott
Espana, Patrick
Fine, Seth
Fitzharris Jr., William
Gorton, Kenneth
Hathaway, Octavia
Henderson, Stephen J.
Hibbeln, Hilary
Hicks, James
Horne, James
Laverty, Dana
Mano Jr. , Joseph
O’Dell, Linda
Oreskovich, Carl
Parker, Timothy
Pence, Christopher
Petgrave III, Randolph
Royer, Sidney
Russo, Anthony
Schoeggl, David
Schwab, Evan
Scott, Nadine
Scully, Keith
Shea Jr., Edward
Silva, Andrekita
Steward, Rebecca
Stiles II, Henry Edward (Ted)
Strawn, Christopher
Thorner, David
Triplett, Mark
Vanscoy, Douglas
Walls, Renee

Assignment to Specific Cases

The Chief Hearing Officer assigns hearing officers from the list to specific cases.

Hearing Officer Travel Arrangement Frequently Asked Questions

WSBA Liaison
Julie Shankland