Hearing Officer Panel

Hearing officers are assigned to conduct lawyer discipline hearings and perform other functions as provided under the Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct. A hearing officer must be an active member of the Association, have been an active or judicial member of the Association for at least seven years, have no record of public discipline, and have experience as an adjudicator or as an advocate in contested adjudicative hearings. See ELC 2.5(a) & (b).

The Board of Governors appoints hearing officers to the hearing officer list giving consideration to the recommendations of the WSBA Hearing Officer Selection Panel. Appointment to the hearing officer list is for an initial period of one year, followed by periods of 5 years. Reappointment is in the Board of Governors' discretion. ELC 2.5(d) & (e).

A Chief Hearing Officer, selected by the WSBA Board of Governors, assigns cases, monitors and evaluates the performance of hearing officers, establishes requirements for and supervises hearing officer training, administers hearing officer compensation, hears prehearing motions when no hearing officer has been assigned, and performs other administrative duties necessary for an efficient and effective hearing system. See ELC 2.5(f)-(i).

The WSBA Hearing Officer Selection Panel makes recommendations to the Board of Governors for the appointment, reappointment, and removal of hearing officers. The Hearing Officer Selection Panel is appointed by the Board of Governors and includes, but is not limited to, a Board of Governors member who serves as Chair, one or more former Chairs of the Disciplinary Board, and one or more former non-lawyer members of the Disciplinary Board. See ELC 2.5(c). 

Hearing Officer Handbook (password required to access)

Hearing Officer Travel Arrangement Frequently Asked Questions

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