The Disciplinary Board reviews lawyer discipline decisions. 

Review Committees

We have four review committees. Each committee has two lawyer members and one nonlawyer member. Each review committee meets four times per year. They review disciplinary counsel requests for public hearing, admonitions and interim suspensions. They also review disciplinary counsel dismissals, where the grievant has requested review of the dismissal, and dismissals with advisory letter. These meetings are not open to the public. See more information about review committees, orders and meeting dates. 

Upcoming Meeting Dates
The meeting schedule can be found to the right. Review Committee meetings are closed and are not open to the public.

Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board is made up of all the review committees, plus the Disciplinary Board chair and vice-chair. The board meets six times each year as a full board. The board reviews hearing officer recommendations for suspension and disbarment when a timely request for review/appeal is filed or sua sponte review is ordered, and automatically reviews stipulations for suspension or disbarment. The Board issues a written recommendation to the Supreme Court. The board holds public oral arguments on some cases. These arguments are open to the public. See more information about the Disciplinary Board.


Allison Sato, Disciplinary Board clerk
Kevin Bank, counsel to the Disciplinary Board

Oral Argument Schedule






Review Committee II Meeting rescheduled to November 9, 2017.

Disciplinary Board Policies

Board policies on briefs, oral arguments, etc.

Disciplinary Board Roster

Meeting Schedule

Public Discipline Records

Obtain copies of public lawyer discipline records

Filing Pleadings with Clerk

How and what to file in lawyer discipline proceedings

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