WSBA Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that members can volunteer to advance the mission and goals of the WSBA:

The Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) is a vehicle for new lawyers and law students to get involved with the WSBA, and a home to network and enhance leadership skills. You can develop programs for new/young lawyers, serve on a WYLC subcommittee, or become a young lawyer liaison to a WSBA Section.

The Access to Justice Board, a Supreme Court-created board administered by the WSBA, works to achieve equal access to the civil justice system for those facing economic and other significant barriers. Volunteers are welcome to join any of the ATJ Board's many committees at any time of the year. 

Elections for the WSBA Board of Governors are in process. Watch your email and the BOG Elections page for up-to-date news. 

WSBA seeks interested lawyers as potential ELC 7.7 volunteer custodians 

An appointed custodian is authorized to act as counsel for the limited purpose of protecting clients’ interests whenever a lawyer has been transferred to disability inactive status, suspended, disbarred, or dies or disappears and no person appears to be protecting the clients’ interests. The custodian takes possession of the necessary files and records and takes action to protect the clients' interests. The duty usually is centered on contacting clients and assisting them in retrieving their files and finding new counsel. The custodian may act with a team of custodians; much of the work may be performed by supervised staff.  If the WSBA is notified of the need for a custodian,  the WSBA would affirm the willingness and ability of a potential volunteer and seek their appointment as custodian. Costs incurred may be reimbursed.  If interested in serving as a custodian, please contact Sandra Schilling at (206) 239-2118 or Darlene Neumann at (206) 733-5923.


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