Project Overview

1. What is the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project?
In response to the national foreclosure crisis, WSBA partnered with the Northwest Justice Project to form the state-wide Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project which connects Washington lawyers with low- and moderate-income homeowners who face foreclosure.

2. How is the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project funded?
The partnership began in 2009 with a grant of $150,000 from WSBA to the Northwest Justice Project.  Work through the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project continues with generous cy pres grant funding from the Washington State Office of the Attorney General and other private grant funding through the Washington State Bar Foundation. 


Volunteer Commitment and Support

3. Do I need any particular legal experience to volunteer?
We need lawyers from all practice areas and levels of expertise.  Participating lawyers can access free MCLE-accredited foreclosure prevention training and can work with mentors who are steeped in the quickly evolving area of foreclosure law and practice.

4. What kind of training is available?
WSBA, the Northwest Justice Project, and community-based organizations collaborate to offer live and recorded MCLE-accredited foreclosure prevention training.  Visit for a current list of live and recorded training opportunities.

5. Can I work with a mentor?
Northwest Justice Project foreclosure prevention staff members are available to provide mentorship and guidance for cases that are referred to Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project pro bono lawyers.  Lawyers working on pro bono cases through the Project can also share information, resources, and best practices through a state-wide foreclosure prevention list serve.

6. Do I need to carry my own malpractice insurance to volunteer?
Cases for income-eligible clients that are referred by the Northwest Justice Project to lawyers participating in the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project are covered by Northwest Justice Project's malpractice insurance policy.  The policy includes a pro bono endorsement which covers claims made against lawyers who provide pro bono representation for eligible clients.  To the extent that the endorsement applies to cases referred by the Northwest Justice Project through this cooperative arrangement, the insurance provides primary coverage for such claims.

7. Am I required to take a pro bono case through the Project?
Participating lawyers do not have to take any particular case at any particular time, but we do hope you accept at least one pro bono referral through the Project.


Get Involved

8. How do I sign up to participate?
E-mail us at

9. How do homeowners apply for service?
Homeowners may connect with foreclosure prevention staff at the Northwest Justice Project by calling 1-800-606-4819 for intake and referral to a pro bono lawyer.  Homeowners may also call the Washington Homeownership Hotline a 1-877-894-HOME (4663) to speak with a housing counselor.  Additional homeowner resources are available at WSBA's Get Legal Help web page and through

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