Public Member Positions on Law-Related Boards

New! Openings for public members on Limited License Legal Technician Board

The Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Board is seeking applications from (1) individuals licensed to practice law in Washington as either a lawyer, LPO or LLLT; (2) those in either emeritus or judicial status; and (3) members of the public who do not have a license to practice law and are residents of Washington state.

Among other things, the LLLT Board recommends to the state Supreme Court additions and alterations to rules governing the LLLT license, approves education and experience requirements for licensure in approved practice areas, and establishes and maintains criteria for approval of educational programs that offer LLLT core curriculum. 

The LLLT Board generally meets on the third Thursday of every month. Board members are appointed by the state Supreme Court. Appointment is for a three-year term. 

If you are interested, please apply by or on Sept. 29, 2017. To apply, first create an account on (follow the "Not a WSBA member?" instructions). Then use this link to access our online committee application. Please do not apply for anything other than the Limited License Legal Technician Board as the deadline for others boards has already passed.

If you have any questions, please contact Renata Garcia at or 206-733-5912.

The following boards housed at the Washington State Bar Association have specific positions designated for members of the public who are not WSBA members. Board service provides an excellent opportunity to get an insider’s view of how the practice of law is regulated in Washington state. 

The application deadline has passed for positions starting Oct. 1, 2017. Applications will be accepted again in January 2018.

Questions? Email or call Pam Inglesby at 206-727-8226.

  • Access to Justice Board: Recognizing that access to the civil justice system is a fundamental right, the ATJ Board works to achieve equal access for those facing economic and other significant barriers.
  • Character and Fitness Board: This board deals with matters of character and fitness related to the practice of law in Washington. It conducts hearings on the admission of applicants, considers petitions for reinstatement after disbarment, and makes recommendations to the WSBA and Supreme Court. Hearings generally are held every month. 
  • Council on Public Defense: The Council on Public Defense addresses concerns about the quality of indigent defense services in Washington. 
  • Disciplinary Board: The Disciplinary Board reviews recommendations for suspension or disbarment of attorneys. The full board meets three to six times a year, and each member serves on a review committee. Considerable reading and meeting preparation are required. 
  • Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection Board: This board reviews claims for reimbursement of financial loss sustained by reason of an attorney's dishonest actions or failure to account for client funds.
  • Limited License Legal Technician Board: The Limited License Legal Technician Board authorizes non-attorneys who meet certain educational requirements to advise and assist clients on specific areas of law. 
  • Limited Practice Board: This board oversees administration of and compliance with the Limited Practice Rule, which authorizes certain lay persons to handle legal documents pertaining to real estate and other property transactions.
  • Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board: The MCLE Board oversees the administration of and compliance with rules established by the state Supreme Court regarding continuing education for attorneys. 
  • Practice of Law Board: This board educates the public about how to receive competent legal assistance and considers new ways for non-lawyers to provide legal and law-related services. 

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