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Taxation Section Legislative Committee

state capitol building in OlympiaThe WSBA Justice and Diversity Initiatives (JDI) Department reviews all bills introduced during a legislative session, and apprises the appropriate WSBA section of the proposed legislation. The Taxation Section's Legislative Committee was recently formed for the purpose of creating a presence in the legislative process. The goals of the Legislative Committee are to review the bills referred to it by the JDI Department; inform the Tax Council and all Section members of any bills being considered by the Legislature that pertain to state and local taxation; provide an avenue for Section members to voice their input; and, based upon this input, determine whether to voice a unified response to the Legislature, what the response will be, and the most effective way to advocate our position before the Legislature.

Currently, the Legislative Committee is seeking members to create and implement a plan to meet these goals. The Committee needs to determine the following: What is the most effecient way to communicate the proposed bills to Section members? How can we  best gather Section members' input? What is an effective way to determine whether a response will be made on behalf of the Section? Once the decision is made to respond, what will the Section's response be? How should the Section present that position to the Legislators?

If you are interested in becoming involved in the legislative process, please join the Legislative Committee. Meetings will be scheduled as deemed appropriate by the Legislative Committee members.


Upcoming Meetings

No meetings scheduled at this time.


Legislative Committee Chair

Brett Durbin