Former newsletter of the WSBA Sections Team

Summer 2013 

Elder Law Section: Engagement in the Legislative Process
WSBA Program Profile: Public Service Programs
Educational Programming for New Lawyers: How Can Sections Support the Newest Members Entering the Profession
WSBA Department Changes
Budget Timeline Reminder
Solo and Small Practice Support Group

Winter 2013 

Take Me to Your Leader: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Your Members
Fireside Chat with Patricia Paul
Sections Working Together: Examples of Successful Collaborations
Section Leaders Present to WSBA Job Seekers Group
Did You Miss It? 2013 Open Section Night
Don’t Forget to Use Your List Serve!

Fall 2012

Referendum: Restructuring the Young Lawyers Division into a Committee
The WSBA Blog: An Opportunity for Sections
Feedback Loop: Immediate Past Chairs
Success Stories: Health Law
Nominal Sponsorships: WSBA-CLE and WSBA Sections Working Together 

Volume 2

Summer 2012

Increasing Value for Your Solo Section Members
A Taste of Section Stats
Fireside Chat with Beth McCaw
Farewell to Julie Mass
CLE Updates
New and Improved! Section Leader’s Toolbox

Spring 2012

Leadership Styles
Meet the Newest Member of the Sections Team: Stacy Holmes
It Starts with Community
A Simple Dialogue
CLE Meeting Summary
Outside the Box with Construction Law 

Winter 2011-2012 

From Strategic Vision to Implementation
Webcasting Your Next Event
WSBA’s New Lawyer Education and Section Expertise
Best Practices: Executive Committee Structure
Leadership Development
How to Maximize the Use of the Lawyer Directory

Summer 2011 

In Case We Missed You! Sections Spring Meeting Summary
The Newest Member of the Sections Team: An Interview with Melina Lambuth
Outreach Starts Within – Exceed the Expectations of Your Members
Section Chair Fireside Chat with Gloria Nagler, (CD) and Stephen Deforest (SEN)
Outside the Box with Business Law
Success Stories: SOGILI

Spring 2011

Developing the Profession and Your Section’s Future
Get to Know Your Liaison: Paris Seabrook and Joy Eckwood
WSBA Foundation
Two Section Leader Meetings a Year?
Managing the Finances of Your Section

Volume 1

Fall 2010

New WSBA Strategic Goals
WSBA Legislative Process Roadmap
Meet the WSBA Online Communication Specialist: Julia Nardelli-Gross
Sign up for the New Moderate Means Program
Outside the Box with the Construction Law Section

Spring 2010

Sections on Facebook!
Top Questions for CLE
Dues are In and Section Membership is Steady!
Outside the Box with the Animal Law Section
Spreading the Word…FY11 Budgets
Upcoming Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members
Keeping Your Webpage Relevant
WSBA Website Headed for Makeover!

Fall 2009 

Welcome to SectionLand and the 2009-2010 year!
Checklist – Beginning Your Term
WSBA “Go To” Staff for Sections
The Money
Visit Paris Anytime!
Your Web Page Window
Member List Serve
Section Membership

Section Tools

Resources, procedures, and best practices

WSBA Bylaws, Policies, and Guidelines Affecting Sections

Section-Sponsored CLE Programming

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