Upcoming Events

  • Oct. 6: WSBA Juvenile Law Section Annual Meeting and CLE.

Previous Events

This record of past events is maintained for the convenience of members who may wish to apply for CLE credit.


  • Nov. 9: Annual CLE and Meeting.
  • Sept. 9: "Data and Discussion: Advocacy for Dependent Youth — What is Working Well and Where are the Gaps?" Approved for 1.5 Law & Legal Procedure CLE credits for Washington State attorneys.
  • May 20: "Medicaid Insured Youth Access to Mental Health Services" Located at the University of Washington School of Law from 12:30–3 p.m.  2.5 CLE credits pending for Washington State attorneys.


  • Nov. 14: "WSBA Juvenile Law Section Youth Law Symposium and Annual Meeting." Approved for 5.25 CLE credits (4.25 general, 1 ethics).
  • Sept. 5: "WSBA Juvenile Law Section Dependency CLE." Approved for 4.25 CLE credits (3.25 general, 1 ethics).
  • Sept. 5: "Making a Record at Trial." Approved for 2.75 general CLE credits.


  • Oct. 18: Annual Meeting and Mini CLE. Approved for 3.5 general CLE credits.
  • Oct. 8: "Immigration Consequences and Opportunities in Juvenile Court." 1 general credit.
  • Aug. 16: "Dependency and Child Welfare" 3.5 general credits.
  • June 13: "Immigration and  the Juvenile Courts."


  • Oct. 17: "Leveling the Playing Field for Youth: Understanding and Using Data and Practitioner and Community Engagement to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Youth-Serving Systems."  Approved for 1.5 general CLE credits.
  • June 15: "Dependency and Child Welfare." Approved for 3.75 general CLE credits.


  • Sept. 21: Annual Meeting and Mini CLE: "Conflicts Analysis in Dependency Cases." Approved for 2 CLE ethics credits.
  • Aug. 26: "Positive Youth Development:  Helping Foster Youth Have a Voice!" Approved for 2 general CLE credits. 
  • Aug. 9: "Juvenile Justice: How Much are Evidence-Based Practices Worth?” Approved for 1 general CLE credit.
  • Aug. 3: 2011 Children and Youth Legislative Wrap Up: What Advocates Need to Know. Approved for 2 general CLE credits.
  • June 14: Juvenile and Family Law Legislative Update. Approved for 1.5 general CLE credits.
  • March 10: Juvenile Offender Committee Quarterly Meeting.
  • Feb. 25: "Title 13 Guardianships: New Legislation, Permanency Options, and Finances." Approved for 1.25 general CLE credits.


  • Oct. 13: Juvenile Law Section's 2010 Annual Meeting and CLE. 1.5 Credits (1.0 general credit and .5 ethics credit).
  • June 30: "2010 Children and Youth Legislative Wrap-Up: What Advocates Need to Know." Approved for 1.5 general CLE credits.


  • Oct. 7: "Youth Initiatives: What Advocates for Youth Should Know About Anti-Gang Initiatives and Offender Practice in China – A Comparison." Juvenile Law Section Annual Meeting and CLE. Approved for 2.5 general credits.
  • May 28: "2009 Children and Youth Legislative Wrap-Up: Beyond the Budget." Approved for 1.5 general CLE credits.
  • April 21: CLE at King County Juvenile Court. "How Mental Health Issues Impact Youth on Probation in the Juvenile Justice System." Approved for 1.5 general CLE credits.

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