Section Administration

The Criminal Law Section is committed to sharing information with its members. The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration of the section which includes providing the Board of Governors with an annual report, management of the budget and ensuring adherence to the sections bylaws.

Annual Report     Budget     Bylaws

Executive Committee

Officers Terms Jan. 1 - Dec. 31

Jimmy I. Hung

Blythe Phillips

James A. Hershey (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017)

Immediate Past Chair
Kim Hunter

Committee Members
3-year term unless otherwise noted (January–December)

Representing Defense
Ronald A. Hammett (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017)
Mark E. Vovos (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017)
Edwin Aralica (Jan. 2014–Dec. 2015)
Vacant (Jan. 2014–Dec. 2015)
John Strait (Jan. 2014–Dec. 2016)
Aimee Sutton (Jan. 2014–Dec. 2016)

Representing Prosecution
Dale Slack (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017)
John Sheeran (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017)
Tessa Gorman (Jan. 2014–Dec. 2016)
Jana Jorgensen (Mar. 2014–Dec. 2016)
Hugh Birgenheier (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2015)
June Riley (Jan. 2015–Dec. 2016)

BOG Liaison
Ann Danieli

Young Lawyer Liaison
Erika Wunderlich