Upcoming Events 

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Previous Events

This record of past events is maintained for the convenience of members who may wish to apply for CLE credit.


  • Jan. 28: Annual Meeting and Member Benefit CLE. Approved for 2 Law & Legal Procedure CLE credits for Washington attorneys.


  • Sept. 22: "The 23rd Annual Criminal Justice Institute." Approved for 1 Ethics and 13 Law & Legal Procedure CLE credits.
  • June 4: "Criminal Law Section Member Benefit CLE in Spokane." Approved for 0.75 Ethics and 1.25 Law & Legal Procedure credits for Washington attorneys.


  • Oct. 22-23: 22nd Annual Criminal Justice Institute. Approved for 13 general, and 1 ethics CLE credit for Washington attorneys.
  • June 27: Eastern Washington Member Benefit CLE and Reception. Approved for 1 general and 1 ethics CLE credit for Washington attorneys.
  • March 28: Ethics Member Benefit CLE. Approved for 2 ethics credits for Washington attorneys.


  • Oct. 26: 2013 Criminal Law Section Member Benefit CLE. Approved for 1.75 general CLE credits and 1.5 ethics credits.
  • Sept. 19-20: 20th Annual Criminal Justice Institute. Approved for 12.25 general CLE credits and 1.75 ethics credits.


  • Sept. 27-28: 19th Annual Criminal Justice Institute: "Updates and Critical Issues." Approved for 14.5 general CLE credits and 1 ethics credit.


  • Sept. 8-9: 18th Annual Criminal Justice Institute. Approved for 15.25 CLE credits.
  • Jan. 7: "Ethics for Prosecutors and Defense Counsel: The Annual Winter Dave Boerner and John Strait Show."


  • Sept. 16–17: The 17th Annual Criminal Justice Institute. Approved for 15 CLE credits, including up to 4 ethics.
  • June 30: WSBA Juvenile Law Section presents the 2010 Children and Youth Legislative Wrap-Up: What Advocates Need to Know.
  • June 2: "Criminal Law Boot Camp." Approved for 6 CLE credits (5 general and 1 ethics).
  • March 4: Seattle University School of Law — Small Firm Career Fair.


  • Nov. 20: Criminal Law Section Mini-CLE — "Ethics for Prosecutors and Defense Counsel: The Annual Fall Dave and John Show." Approved for 3 general CLE credits.
  • Sept. 10-11: 16th Annual Criminal Justice Institute.
  • June 26: "From Barnyard to Backyard: Species-based Distinctions in Animal Cruelty Laws." Approved for 2 general CLE credits.