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As the only institution with a statewide membership involved in creditor-debtor practice, the section is routinely consulted for comment on proposed legislation, court rules, and administration of the courts. Members have been active in drafting and proposing legislation in areas such as garnishment, exemptions, and receiverships.

August 11, 2016

Below are further revisions to the proposed Receivership Act Amendments first posted on May 10, 2014.  Please provide any comments by September 9, 2016 to Debtor-Creditor Section Executive Committee Member Christy Tobin-Presser, Bush Kornfeld, LLP, 601 Union Street Suite 5000, Seattle, WA 98101, ctobin@bskd.com.

Updated Washington Receivership Amendments 8.10.16

May 12, 2014

A note from the Chair, John Rizzardi

Receivership Statute Amendments 5.10.14

February 29, 2012  

Dear Creditor Debtor Rights Section members:

The executive committee has been notified of a further amendment to the proposed revisions to the garnishment statute.   Senate bill information is below.

The further amendment is apparently intended to protect state retirement and pensions in the aftermath of Anthis v. Copland.  

Please feel free to reply to me or the section with any comments.  Thanks.
John Knapp

Senate Committee Striker 

Senate Committee Striker Bill Report 


Updated February 3, 2012 Updated February 3, 2012


The WSBA has asked for comments on legislation regarding wine producer liens.  It has passed the House and has been referred to the Senate for potential action.

Please reply to the list or e-mail me at john.knapp@millernash.com if you have any comments.

HB 2362 - Regarding wine producer liens.

John R. Knapp, Jr.
Miller Nash LLP
Member, Creditor Debtor Rights Section Executive Committee

Updated February 2, 2012

WSBA is looking for the Section's comments on a proposed change to when judgment liens on real property commence.
It would change RCW 4.56.200 so that judgments of the superior court for the county in which the real estate of the judgment debtor is situated do not commence from the time of the entry or filing thereof, but rather from the time of the filing by the county clerk upon the execution docket in accordance with RCW 4.64.030.
Here are links to the proposed legislation:
SB 6566/HB 2511 - Adjusting when a judgment lien on real property commences.
SB 6566 was introduced today and executive action was taken today in Senate Judiciary at 10am.
Please send comments to John Knapp at john.knapp@millernash.com.  


John R. Knapp, Jr.
Miller Nash LLP
Member, Creditor Debtor Rights Section Executive Committee

Updated May 10, 2011

Hello Section Members:

I'm happy to report that on April 22, 2011, Governor Gregoire signed the personal property exemption legislation that our Section proposed some time ago. The effective date for the increases to the personal property exemptions is set forth in the government's website:

View HB 1864 

The new exemption figures are contained in the website as well as in the body of the legislation. Bill Hames and our legislative liaison, Kathryn Leathers, were instrumental in getting the law passed, so thanks to them both!

Sincerely, Gloria Z. Nagler

Chair of Creditor-Debtor Section

Updated April 14, 2011 

Receivership Amendments Legislation Approved by Governor Gregoire
April 13, 2011: We are pleased to announce that Governor Gregoire signed HB 5058 today — the Receivership amendments. The effective date will be July 22, 2011. This brings to conclusion a two-year process that started with Section leadership by Judge Barreca and the anecdotal input from many Section members as to those aspects of the statute that needed improvement. The Section extends its appreciation to all those who assisted in drafting and providing comments as the proposal moved from the Section, to the Bar and eventually to Olympia. Also, we appreciate the guidance and persistence of the WSBA's lobbyist, Kathryn Leathers, for guiding us and the bill through to conclusion. 

John Rizzardi, Chair-elect

May 12, 2014