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Previous Events

This record of past events is maintained for the convenience of members who may wish to apply for CLE credit.


  • Aug. 19: "Options for the Distressed Business -- What About a Receivership?" Approved for 5 general and 1 ethics CLE credits for Washington attorneys.
    • May 1: Northwest Bankruptcy Institute


    • Dec. 10: "Liens: What You Need to Know Today" Approved for 6.5 CLE credits (0.75 ethics included)
    • Dec. 10: 31st Annual Dinner and CLE
    • Sept. 19: Creditor Debtor Rights Annual Section Meeting
    • Aug. 19: "Distressed Residential Real Property: What Are Your Client's Options?" Approved for 6 general CLE credits (5.25 general, 0.75 ethics).
    • April 25-26: 27th Annual Northwest Bankruptcy Institute. Approved for 11 general CLE credits.


    • Dec. 12: "Judgments: Winning is Only Half the Battle! How Will You Collect?" Approved for 6.25 general CLE credits and 0.5 CLE ethics credit.
    • Sept. 20: Creditor Debtor Rights Annual Section Meeting
    • April 12-13: 26th Annual Northwest Bankruptcy Institute. 8.5 general and 1.25 ethics credits.
    • Feb. 5: "Litigation in the Other Court: Bankruptcy Litigation Skills and Techniques."  Approved for 7 general CLE credits.


    • Dec. 6: "Liens: What you Need to Know Today."  Approved for 6.5 general CLE credits.
    • Dec. 4: "Bankruptcy for the New Lawyer: Your First Chapter 7 Case." Approved for 5 general CLE credits and 1.25 ethics credits.
    • April 27-28: "25th Annual Northwest Bankruptcy Institute." Approved for 8.75 general CLE credits and 1 ethics credit.


    • Dec. 14: "Annual Collection of Judgments Seminar: You've Won! Now What?" Approved for 6.25 general CLE credits and 0.5 ethics credits.
    • June 17: Executive Committee Meeting


    • Dec. 15: "Liens: How to Create Them — How to Enforce Them." Approved for 6.75 general CLE credits.
    • Oct. 22: Section Annual Meeting
    • June 25: Retirement Luncheon for Judge Thomas T. Glover
    • June 19: Executive Committee Meeting
    • April 23-24: 23rd Annual Northwest Bankruptcy Institute. Washington – 9 general and 1 ethics.


    • Dec. 16, 17: "Judgments: You've Won! Now What?" 6.25 CLE credits pending (5.75 general and 0.50 ethics) 
    • April 10-11: 22nd Annual Northwest Bankruptcy Institute. "Dirty Debt — Dealing with Real Estate Issues Inside and Outside of Bankruptcy."


    • Dec. 2 in Seattle and Dec. 9 in Spokane: "Liens on Real Estate and on Personal Property: How to Perfect. How to Enforce." Co-sponsored by the WSBA Creditor Debtor Rights Section. 6.75 general credits. 

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