Section Administration

Oct. 1, 2015–Sept. 30, 2016

The Construction Law Section is committed to sharing information with its members.  The administrative responsibilities of the section include providing the Board of Governors with an annual report, management of the budget and adherence to the bylaws.

Annual Report FY2015     Budget     Bylaws

Executive Committee

Marisa Bavand

Athan Tramountanas

Jason Piskel

Ron English

Annmarie Petrich

Immediate Past Chair
John Evans

BOG Liaison
Keith Black*

Young Lawyer Liaison
Daniel Berner*

Council Members

Term Ending 2017
Amber Hardwick
Jennifer Beyerlein
Brett Hill

Term Ending 2018
Janelle Brennan
Diane Utz

Term Ending 2019
Rick Wetmore
Colm Nelson
Zak Tomlinson

Immediate Past Chairs
Thomas P. Larkin II (2013-2014)
Scott Sleight (2014-2015)

Past Chairs (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Alan B. Bornstein (2004-2005)
Ron English (2005-2006)
Bob Olson (2006-2007)
Andrew Maron (2007-2008)
Bryan Caditz (2008-2009)
Robert H. Crick Jr. (2009-2011)
Thomas H. Wolfendale (2011-2012)
Joseph Scuderi (2012-2013)

*Non-voting member

Meeting Minutes