Who We Are

The Administrative Law Section is involved in all areas of administrative law of interest to Washington lawyers, including Washington State administrative law, federal administrative law, tribal administrative law, and interstate compact administrative law.  We recognize that most attorneys in Washington practice some type of administrative law, even if they never directly apply the Washington Administrative Procedure Act.  We have written (and regularly update) an administrative law practice manual (an online publication), and the Public Records Act Deskbook.  You can order these publications under the “Resources” tab. We also recently sponsored the free publication, Ensuring Equal Access for People with Disabilities-A Guide for Washington Administrative Proceedings, also available under the “Resources” tab.

The section welcomes anyone as a member who has an interest in administrative law. Upon payment of annual dues of only $25, active members of the WSBA may be voting members of the section and anyone else may be a non-voting member of the section and receive section benefits.  Our members include:

  • Assistant attorneys general;
  • Administrative adjudicators and individuals who represent private parties or agencies in administrative hearings;
  • Public agency in-house attorneys;
  • City attorneys (on private contract as well as municipal employees);
    County prosecutors;
  • Private practitioners who either contract to represent government entities or represent clients subject to government regulation; and
  • Judicial officials.

Benefits of Membership

  • Reduced tuition at high-quality section CLEs (at least two per year);
  • Three newsletters per year including summaries of recent administrative law state and federal cases, articles and announcements;
  • Annual meeting with good food and other special events;
  • Input into legislative and WSBA proposals as the recognized experts in administrative law;
  • Contributions to projects benefiting access to justice efforts; and
  • Networking and support in the field of administrative law.

Law Students Are Welcome

The Administrative Law section welcomes law students! If you are enrolled in law school, join the section as a law student member. Meet lawyers who practice administrative law. Help prepare your own career in administrative law.

Notice to Section Members: To join the section e-mail list and receive information about section activities and other section-related matters, please send your e-mail address and Bar number to sections@wsba.org.

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