WSBA Diversity Committee

WSBA Diversity Committee 2014

The Washington State Bar Association's Diversity Committee works to support and implement the WSBA's Diversity and Inclusion Plan; support historically underrepresented groups to enter and stay  in the profession; and works to raise awareness in the community building coalitions through collaborative relationships on the benefits of diversity through the continued use of the membership study.

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WSBA Liaison: Joy Williams, Diversity Program Manager

Co-chairs: Gov. James Armstrong and Melissa Simonsen

Committee Members

Erik Bakke
Ahndrea Blue
Daniel Casillas
Oscar Chaves
Cynthia Chen-weller
RaShelle Davis
William Elsinger
Gov. Dan Ford
Lionel Greaves
Sunny Hong
Tsering Kheyap
Gov. Jerry Moberg
Amy Rimov
Tanya Thorp
Gov. Karen Denise Wilson


WSBA's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Volunteer Tools

Forms, handbooks and other resources for committee members and chairs.