Why Volunteer for the Moderate Means Program?

Real clients, real experience, and a real difference

The WSBA Moderate Means Program is bridging the justice gap for people who earn too much to qualify for legal aid, yet too little to afford a private attorney at normal rates.

Law students take their calls, listen to their stories, and match them with a lawyer ready to help at a reduced rate.

Together with Washington's three law schools, WSBA is helping solve one of the most pressing crises facing our legal system. The next generation of Washington lawyers is gaining hands-on experience while making a very real difference in people's lives.

What students have to say about their experience:

Daniel Heckman"The best of my experience has been the interaction with clients. Nothing in law school can beat the opportunity to listen to clients who come to you for help. Their stories are not like the stories you read in a textbook. To be able to listen to a client tell their story, and in turn refer them to an attorney who is readily able to help them is a great feeling. Clients come in all shapes and sizes, but my interactions with them have always been a highlight."  

    - Daniel Heckman, Gonzaga University School of Law


Erin OLeary"I got involved with Moderate Means because it allowed me to put theory into practice and to work with real people, solving real problems. The skills I've learned make me a better listener, a better advocate, and I believe will make me a better lawyer."  

    - Erin O'Leary, Seattle University School of Law




Corey Holert"I got involved with Moderate Means because I believe in universal access to the legal system. ...[T]raditional legal fees are prohibitive for the majority of Americans. Attorneys and student interns involved in the WSBA Moderate Means Program are committed to rectifying this problem by providing access to affordable legal advice and representation for middle income clients." 

    - Corey Holert, University of Washington School of Law


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