Recommended WSBA Strategic Goals — 2013-2015

At its July meeting the WSBA Board of Governors reviewed the 2013-2015 draft strategic goals for WSBA as presented by Governor Brian Kelly, who chairs the BOG Strategic Planning Committee.

These goals were established using the following criteria:

  • The goal should be something that the WSBA either has not been doing or something that the WSBA has been doing, but that the resources devoted to that activity should be dramatically increased to take that activity to a much higher level.
  • The goal should be achievable and measurable.
  • The goal should be a goal in and of itself and not a means to another goal.

At the outset, the committee reflected on the sea changes happening in the legal profession, including an aging profession; a decrease in law school admissions; firms consolidating; solo firms increasing to attract and retain clients who demand more efficient and less expensive options to meet their needs; increasingly commoditized work; and outsourcing.

Considering the changes in the profession, and after several months of discussion and gathering member feedback that included the membership study, state-wide Listening Tours, and Town Hall meetings, the Committee concluded that (1) members need greater preparation, networking and community building opportunities, inclusiveness, and support with career transitions; and (2) the Bar is uniquely situated to help address these needs.

To that end, the goals below were recommended.

Recommended WSBA Strategic Goals

1. Prepare and equip members with problem-solving skills for the changing profession.

A successful career in law requires lifelong, experiential learning and professional development. It also requires stamina. Under this strategic goal, WSBA will align its educational resources to help members: (a) learn 21st century practice skills (including use of technology and the business side of practice); (b) network and build community with others; (c) gain more practice experience; (d) ground their work in ethical practice; and (e) mindfully address work-life balance issues. WSBA will also increase member awareness of, and involvement and use of, LAP and other resources, programming, tools, and guidance provided to promote health and well being. WSBA will also lead members in maintaining high standards of competence and ethics by aligning resources with the requirements of a changing regulatory environment.

2. Foster community with and among members and the public.

Communication builds community, and community buoys stamina and support systems. Through this goal, WSBA aims to: reduce isolation by increasing member access and opportunities to connect with others through sections and through statewide outreach to local, specialty, and minority bar associations; consistently inform and engage with our members and the public about WSBA programs, member services and decisions; and leverage online technologies to engage and build community.

3. Promote equitable conditions for members from historically underrepresented backgrounds to enter, stay and thrive in the profession.

From the membership study, we have learned about the barriers and disparities that impact members from historically underrepresented backgrounds. We will focus existing WSBA programs and practices to address those barriers and disparities. We will also partner with stakeholders to identify and fill gaps in programming.

4. Support member transitions across the life of their practice.

Careers are dynamic; needs change over time. New members require tools and coordinated support to promote long-term sustainability in the practice of law. Mid-career members could benefit from strategies and support to increase their job satisfaction. Retiring members (end of career or otherwise), need help transitioning successfully out of the practice. WSBA will focus its programming to help address these varying needs to support members as they transition throughout their law careers.

Tell us what you think

The Board is set to adopt the above strategic goals at its September meeting. Prior to that action, it seeks a final round of feedback from members. Please share your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the above goals by sending your input to prior to Aug. 20, 2013.

Tell us what you think

Share your ideas and opinions on the recommended goals. Send your input by Aug. 20.

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