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Last updated July 23, 2012

green square  Board of Governors Meeting set for July 13-14

Below are a few of the highlights of the July Board of Governors meeting.

FY 2013 Draft Budget

The Board reviewed the draft FY13 budget proposal which reflects an overall reduction in expenses of $1,453,947 from FY12. This savings was achieved through a number of significant changes as WSBA moves forward with a reduced revenue model. The passage of a member referendum in April resulted in a 26% reduction in license fees.

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

The Board discussed and voted on proposed Bar Exam policies. These polices are needed to address changes in the Bar Exam and admission procedures with the move to online applications and use of the UBE. WSBA is set to implement the UBE in 2013.

Status of the Washington Leadership Institute (WLI)

There was a report on the WLI partnership discussions with the University of Washington School of Law. The WLI, a leadership development program created in 2004 by the WSBA Board of Governors, will be transitioned to the University of Washington School of Law beginning in 2013 .

Transition of the Washington Young Lawyers Division (WYLD) to a Committee

As requested by the Board during their May 22 meeting, the WYLD will transition to a committee structure. The Board reviewed and discussed modifications to policy, bylaws, and other documents required to achieve this transition.

Division of the 7th District to create the 10th Congressional District BOG seat

As a result of the creation of the new 10th Congressional District the WSBA is required to add a Board of Governors member from the 10th District in next year's election cycle.  At its June meeting, the Board voted to change the current makeup of the Board by reducing the number of subdivisions in the 7th Congressional District from three to two. The Board discussed the options for new boundaries for the two new subdivisions, with a decision to be made at the September meeting.

Passage of the Limited License Legal Technician Rule

The Board heard an update on the passage of the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Rule (APR 28), which was adopted on June 15, 2012, and goes into effect on Sept. 1, 2012. The rule authorizes non-attorneys who meet certain educational requirements to advise clients on specific areas of law, which have yet to be determined. Nine attorneys will be appointed to the 13-member LLLT Board by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Access to WSBA records

The Board discussed a proposed court rule change regarding access to WSBA records. GR 31 is the current court rule that governs public access to court records. The Court is considering adoption of GR 31A, which will govern access to court and judicial agency administrative records.

The WSBA was previously involved in a work group with the Court and AOC regarding whether the WSBA should be covered by GR 31. At the time, it was recommended that the Court adopt a separate rule governing disclosure of WSBA records, GR 12.4. The Court decided not to adopt GR 12.4 and is now considering GR 31A, which would cover administrative records of courts and judicial branch agencies. The Court is indicating that GR 31A would include the WSBA within its parameters.

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