Beyond the Dialogue

The WSBA Diversity Program's Beyond the Dialogue is a series addressing bias, intersectional identities, and the impact of larger societal issues within the legal profession. Beyond the Dialogue is designed to support the effective practice of law by increasing cultural awareness and competency. The series brings together WSBA members to highlight and examine current, important issues in the legal profession. Speakers share professional and personal stories of challenge and triumph with the goal of reducing bias, connecting broader social issues to the work of legal professionals, increasing interpersonal skills, and supporting professional development.

The WSBA Diversity Program and Washington Women Lawyers Present: 
Women, Race and Age Part 2: The Role of Allies
In September 2016, WSBA Diversity Program in partnership with Washington Women Lawyers held our first Beyond the Dialogue panel on the subject of Women, Race and Age: Mitigating Bias and Misogyny in the Legal Profession. The program featured a diverse panel of women identified legal practitioners. These women offered personal stories of experiencing and responding to oppression based on their intersecting identities. This panel extends the focus beyond what women can do to respond to sexism, to addressing the role that everyone plays in making the legal profession a place where women of all races, ages, abilities, gender identity and sexual orientation can thrive. This panel is for everyone who cares about achieving equity in the legal profession.
Becca Glassgow (moderator), Washington Women Lawyers president
Brad Furlong, Board of Governors president-elect
Pallavi Mehta Wahi, administrative partner at Seattle K&L Gates LLP
Bryan Russel, assistant attorney general
Joanna Plichta Boisen, summer associate hiring partner, pro bono member, and chair of the tax-exempt organizations group at Foster Pepper
With an introduction by Robin Haynes, WSBA Board of Governors president

Thursday, June 8, 2017
WSBA Office, 1325 Fourth Ave, Suite 600
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Past Programming

The WSBA Diversity Program and Washington Women Lawyers Present:
Women, Race and Age: Mitigating Bias and Misogyny in the Legal Profession
The program covers current research relating to the experience of women in Washington state's legal profession. Panelists represent a diverse array of experience and areas of practice. They will offer suggestions and strategies for women, allies, and leaders who seek to address and mitigate incidences of bias and misogyny within the practice of law. This panel took place Sept. 13, 2016.

Joy Williams (moderator), WSBA Diversity Program manager
Elaine Edralin Pascua, Law Office of William J. O'Brien
Linda Fang, Banyan Legal Counsel, LLP
Onik'a I. Gilliam, Patterson Buchanan Fobes & Leitch
Robin Haynes, McNeice Wheeler, PLLC

The recording is available here until Sept. 13, 2017.